In Today's episode of "Moment of Truth," Saurabh sits down with Emile Doak, Executive Director of The American Conservative and co-author of "Main Street Conservatism: The Future of the Right," to discuss the history of The American Conservative Magazine, how they've been right from the beginning on hot button issues from the war in Iraq, to gay marriage, to illegal immigration and assimilation, and what's at stake for the future of conservatism and the United States of America writ large.

Emile Doak is the executive director of the American Ideas Institute, which publishes The American Conservative. He is a graduate of Georgetown University, where he studied political philosophy and theology, and previously worked in education before returning to the field of his studies. His writing has appeared in First Things, Front Porch Republic, Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture, and elsewhere. A proud Virginian, Emile and his wife live in the historic district of their hometown, Herndon.

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