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Screen Epics For The Human Soul

More modest historical films often feel incomplete, insufficient; they demand scope. We intuitively understand that we cannot be part of history unless we are part of it together—part of a crowd, an infantry division, a graduating class, or even a protest.


War and Industrial Policy

War means industry. Wars cannot be fought with supply chains that crisscross a globalized world, where production happens on faraway, little islands in the South China Sea, from where chips can be transported only if airspaces and straits remain open.


The Town That Charles Built

Before King Charles III inherited Britain’s throne, he was a prince with strong views on architecture. Poundbury is where he tried to put them into practice.


Who Killed Nuclear Energy and How to Revive It

If we can commit to confronting today’s so-called environmentalists on the politi­cal and cultural fronts while preparing the transition from fossil to fission, then a radiant tomorrow awaits us.


The Mineral Conflict Is Here

The Ukraine War is resulting in the biggest shock to the global energy system since the 1973 crisis.


Sex and the Academy

“Psychologists and other social scientists have been studying human sex differences for 100 years, and in recent decades have demonstrated that many of the differences that emerge in Western cultures are found in every other culture in which they have been studied.” ~Dave Geary


Our Fake Economy (feat. Julius Krein)

Julius Krein joins Moment of Truth to talk the financialization of the US economy, industrial policy priorities, the housing market, ESG, and more!


Common Good Originalism After Dobbs

Now is the time to go on the offensive, says AM Board of Advisors Member Josh Hammer, in his full speech at the NatCon III conference in Miami.


The American Security State Comes Home

After 21 years, it appears we have gone full circle: the War on Terror’s “you are either with us or against us” mentality has come home.