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American Economic Forum: A Defense

“Wisely, conservatives are looking back to the prudential statesmanship of Jefferson, Hamilton, Taft, and Reagan to craft an economic agenda that strengthens the American nation, families, industry, and entrepreneurs.”


Student-Loan Forgiveness Is Bad Policy

Student-loan debt has been shown to have a relatively modest impact on marriage rates and almost no effect on borrowers’ ability to have children.


After Hyper-Globalization

What should the next trading system be? Can we restore the capacity of the U.S. to produce—and of all nations to regulate capitalism?


Conservative Family Policy Must Be Conservative

As conservatives become more interested in family policy, they should avoid two extremes: rebutting any use of government, on the one hand, and on the other hand, assuming that trillions can be spent without negative repercussions. A social insurance model like the Family Security Act 2.0 strikes this balance: it provides modest but worthwhile support and preserves families’ authority to determine their own work-life balance.


Two Kinds of Détente

A strategy of détente with Russia and China would buy the United States time to rebuild its technological and military capabilities, writes David P. Goldman.


What the Fed’s Big Balance Sheet Unwind Means for Markets

The Federal Reserve recently began shrinking its massive balance sheet, unwinding trillions of dollars worth of bond purchases that it started making during the depths effort to offset the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.