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Proteus Unbound

Money Culture’s Conquest of the American Family


My Father Left Me Ireland

Written as a set of letters to his then unborn daughter, Michael Brendan Dougherty slowly comes to appreciate the Irish heritage left to him by his deceased father. A beautiful, gut-wrenching memoir of fatherhood and what we owe to the past. Recommended by American Moment Board of Advisors Member JD Vance.


The Economic Foundations of Industrial Policy

Industrial policy is back on the national agenda. From Marco Rubio on the right to Elizabeth Warren on the left, a bipartisan consensus is emerging that America’s deindustrialization has passed the point where governmental passivity is appropriate.


Shattered Society

We live in a society of decreasing circles. More and more of us know fewer and fewer of us. We live alone and eat by


Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis

JD Vance’s sobering memoir of a family struggling with addiction, the cycle of poverty, and cultural malaise gives a glimpse at the destruction of America’s heartland by years of neglect. Written by American Moment Board of Advisor Member JD Vance.


American Investment in the 21st Century

Senator Rubio’s report on American investment warns of the dangers of underinvestment due to financial engineering through stock buybacks and other mechanisms. His report argues that financialization is hindering American innovation.


A Science Based Case for Ending the Porn Epidemic

We know what porn does to the brain, because the medical science is solid. Because social science is much softer, we can’t know for certain what causal impacts porn has on society, if any. But once we realize that we have to be much more humble in this area, we can still make prudential judgments.


Economic Solidarism

Offering a unique perspective, Catholic writer Joseph Barnas provides an extremely persuasive and thorough take on how to make the economy work for families and communities—rooted in Catholic thought.


The Once and Future Worker

In this book, Oren Cass proposes a series of conservative proposals to restore the importance of dignified work to our understanding of economics. Cass has expanded on many of these ideas with the founding of his think tank, American Compass, in 2020.