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The Stephen K. Bannon Interview | Moment of Truth

The one and only Steve Bannon joins us in studio for our 50th episode to discuss President Trump, why personnel is policy, Ukraine, fighting back against the deep state, China, and much more.


Defending Religion: Camille Paglia Big Ideas Lecture

Describing herself as an atheist who defends religion, academic and author, Camille Paglia, argues that an understanding of world religions and their symbols is essential to fully understanding human civilization and our place in the universe.


Why Nation-States Are Good

The nation-state remains the best foundation for capitalism, and hyper-globalisation risks destroying it.


Where Is the Right Going? A Conversation

Our president Saurabh Sharma discussed the emerging conservative realignment on the Manhattan Institute-hosted panel, ‘Who’s Right? Millennials, Gen Z, and the Future of American Conservatism’ in Navy Yard, D.C. This is the transcript of that conversation.

Censorship and Social Cancer (feat. Prof. Adam Candeub)

In Today’s episode of “Moment of Truth,” Saurabh and Nick sit down with Professor Adam Candeub, a Professor of Law and Director of the Intellectual Property, Information & Communications Law Program at Michigan State University, and Senior Fellow at the Center for Renewing America, to discuss the longterm consequences of social media and pornography addiction, TikTok, Big Tech, and what if anything can be done to right these social ills.


Classical Music’s Suicide Pact

“Succumbing to specious charges of racism, America’s orchestras, opera companies, and conductors are abandoning the Western canon,” writes Heather Mac Donald.


The Western Canon: The Books and School of the Ages

Harold Bloom explores our Western literary tradition by concentrating on the works of twenty-six authors central to the Canon. He argues against ideology in literary criticism; he laments the loss of intellectual and aesthetic standards; he deplores multiculturalism, Marxism, feminism, neoconservatism, Afrocentrism, and the New Historicism.


Cancelling Rogan Theory Practice and Praxis (feat. Wokal Distance)

Saurabh and Nick sit down with the twitter-famous, anti-critical race theory thread-master @wokal_distance, to discuss the cancellation of Joe Rogan and the little-known leftist super-pacs behind the disinformation campaign to silence his podcast, as well as everything wrong with postmodernism and critical theory.


Berkeley In The Sixties (Documentary)

In this Oscar-winning documentary, participants in the early years of UC Berkely’s political activism recount the tumultuous 1960s and the emergence of the incorrect worldview that students’ opinions matter more than their education. Interesting to view in the light of modern-day campus activism, common harassment tactics of the yuppie left can be observed in their infancy in this film.


Antarctica: Encounters at the End of the World (Documentary)

This Oscar-nominated documentary by acclaimed filmmaker Werner Herzog explores, like many of his films, individuals in conflict with nature, in all of its harsh and unforgiving beauty. The film tells the story of those tasked with exploring God’s greatest wonders on this earth in Antarctica, adapting to survive and embodying strength in these impossible conditions.


Clarity on Russia, Ukraine and the American National Interest

“One can acknowledge all of Russia’s transgressions while simultaneously recognizing that modern post-Soviet Ukraine is not, and never has been, anything like the U.S./U.K.-style bastion of ‘liberal democracy,'” writes Josh Hammer.