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The End of Industrial Society

The Industrial Revolution stopped before it was ever completed. The aftermath is not a clean and developed world, but lost knowledge and civilizational decline.


Lean Out: Why Women Can’t Have It All

“It’s no coincidence that the vast increase in female workforce participation has coincided with the reappearance of something that the more egalitarian America of the early 20th century did not have, and that is a servant class.”


Where the Chips Fell

Julius Krein offers his thoughts on the CHIPS Act, and an explanation of the process that birthed the final form of the Semiconductor legislation.


Lighthizer Wins the Long Game

Once a voice crying out in the wilderness, the GOP trade expert has seen his ideas enter the mainstream.


Student-Loan Forgiveness Is Bad Policy

Student-loan debt has been shown to have a relatively modest impact on marriage rates and almost no effect on borrowers’ ability to have children.


After Hyper-Globalization

What should the next trading system be? Can we restore the capacity of the U.S. to produce—and of all nations to regulate capitalism?