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Roe v. Wade: A Legal History

In this documentary, six law professors discuss how and why Roe v. Wade made it to the Supreme Court, the legal foundations for the case, and its impact on the American legal system.


Are We Sure America Is Not at War in Ukraine?

Are we at war in Ukraine? If we swapped places — if Russian apparatchiks admitted helping to kill American generals or sink a U.S. Navy vessel — I doubt we’d find much ambiguity there.


College Is Not For All

Unlike college for all, preparing young people to build decent lives is something our schools could actually achieve, if we tell them to try.


Coming Food Shortages

“How war in Ukraine conflict is creating a global humanitarian crisis,” writes Adam Korzeniewski in Muzzle Velocity.


How San Francisco Became A Failed City

“There is a sense that, on everything from housing to schools, San Francisco has lost the plot—that progressive leaders here have been LARPing left-wing values instead of working to create a livable city. And many San Franciscans have had enough,” writes Nellie Bowles.


With Taiwan comments, is Biden signaling a two-front war strategy?

The United States appears to have forgotten that aggressive intentions are not the only ways that wars begin. Conflicts can also arise from the workings of the security dilemma, when measures meant to deter aggression and defend the security of one state are perceived as threatening by another.


Financialization and the Problem of Mutually Assured Capital Destruction

Many contemporary economic debates remain grounded in older models of firm competition. But today’s economy is largely characterized by market-feedback-induced consensus among firms that reflects the priorities of asset managers and the interests of asset owners. Recog­nition of this fact is the first step toward a better understanding of today’s capitalism and toward policies that address its key weaknesses, particularly incentives against competitive investment in many industries.


Woke Capital Blinks

In the past few months: Disney paused political donations, Exxon banned BLM flags, Fortune 500 companies were silent on Roe, Netflix fired 150 activist employees, and State Farm abandoned its “LGBT books for kids” program. Is Woke Capital having second thoughts?