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Why Civilization Is Older Than We Thought

“With both agriculture and monumental construction much older than what was thought before, we should likely rethink the origins of urban life as well.”


Restoring Faith in the West (feat. Yoram Hazony)

Yoram Hazony joins Moment of Truth to talk about his new book, ‘Conservatism: A Rediscovery,’ restoring Faith in the West, and the importance of leading personally conservative lives.


It’s Time to Transform the WTO

The international trading system as we know it is ending. Republicans can seize the opportunity to reimagine it, writes Nicholas Phillips in National Review.


Fighting for Fatherhood

With the Left’s hostile response to Florida’s initiative to support responsible fathers, conservatives can occupy the high ground on this crucial issue, writes Patrick T. Brown in City Journal.


Why Nationalism Will Win the Twenty-First Century

Most Americans take it for granted that there is an American people or nation with its own particular culture and traditions, and that the human race in the world as a whole is divided among culturally distinct peoples or nations.


The Case for American Seriousness

“We don’t need aging institutions to pave the way for 21st-century dynamism. What we need is will. And audacity,” writes Katherine Boyle in Bari Weiss’ Common Sense.