Amy Wax joins Richard Hanania for a conversation about anti-White racism, immigration, growing racial diversity, and whether higher education is worth saving.

Amy Wax is the Robert Mundheim Professor of Law at the University of Pennsylvania Law School. She joins the podcast to talk about the ongoing attempt to cancel and possibly fire her for making politically incorrect remarks. Usually there is some pretext that a professor actually engaged in forbidden conduct in these kinds of investigations, but this is as clear an example as one can find of a university trying to punish speech. This leads to a conversation about whether higher education is worth saving, and if it is, the best way to go about doing so.

Amy has also gotten in trouble for her views on immigration and growing racial diversity in the United States. She also talks about that topic here, and much of the discussion centers around the concept of “Western culture” and the extent to which it is threatened. Richard argues that the post-1960s West has seen such a break from its past that this perspective assumes a cultural continuity that no longer exists. This leads to a discussion of whether and how conservatives can appeal to immigrant voters.

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