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Iraq Invasion: The Road To Folly

"A war that fails to achieve clear political objectives is merely an exercise in...

By Eric S. Margolis

JOE KENT: Realism And Restraint Put America First

"We must learn from the last two decades of war and loss," says Joe Kent....

By Joe Kent

Data-Driven Defeat: Information Versus Interests in Afghanistan

"A broad consensus among the D.C. foreign policy establishment has held that Ame...

By Jacob Siegel

Please Don’t Get Us into Another War (feat. John Allen Gay) | Moment of Truth Ep. 14

In today's "Moment of Truth," Saurabh, Nick and guest John Allen Gay, Executive ...

By Moment of Truth

President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Warning Against The “Military Industrial Complex”

President Eisenhower's dire last-minute warning against what he called 'The Mili...

By US National Archives

China and Civic Piety

Micah Meadowcraft makes the case that the best way to take on China is by starti...

By Micah Meadowcroft

John Quincy Adams’ 1821 Independence Day Address

Then-Secretary of State John Quincy Adams used this speech to lay out his vision...

By President John Quincy Adams

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No to Neoconservatism

"We can’t afford to be isolationists. That would mean letting other nations di...

By Sen. Josh Hawley

Janky Wars, Jingoism, and Joe Biden (feat. Dan Caldwell)

Dan Caldwell joins Moment of Truth to talk realism and restraint, the situation ...

By Moment of Truth

The State Department Failed To Prevent The War. Will It Now Prevent The Peace?

"Perhaps the bird we should strive to be is neither hawk nor dove, but the Ameri...

By David Sacks

Understanding The Russo-Ukrianian War: A Guide From War On The Rocks

Want to understand Russia's war on Ukraine? War On The Rocks has curated a list ...

By War On The Rocks

A Grand Strategy of Restraint Needs a ‘Counter Elite’

The American foreign policy establishment prefers meddling around the globe beca...

By Sumantra Maitra

To End Our Empire In Afghanistan (feat. Will Ruger)

In Today's "Moment of Truth," we sit down with Will Ruger, a veteran of the Afgh...

By Moment of Truth

The True Cost of War (feat. Joe Kent) | Moment of Truth Ep. 16

In Today's "Moment of Truth," Saurabh & Nick sit down with Joe Kent, former Gree...

By Moment of Truth

Good Reads

Restraint: A New Foundation for U.S. Grand Strategy

The United States, Barry R. Posen argues in Restraint, has grown incapable of mo...

By Barry R. Posen

Overthrow: America’s Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq

A former foreign correspondent for The Boston Globe and The New York Times, Step...

By Stephen Kinzer

Stealth War: How China Took Over While America’s Elite Slept

Robert Spalding pulls back the curtain in the Stealth War to show the extent of ...

By Robert Spalding

Great Power Competition

Why Nation-States Are Good

The nation-state remains the best foundation for capitalism, and hyper-globalisa...

By Dani Rodrik

The Strategy of Denial: American Defense in an Age of Great Power Conflict

Elbridge Colby, Principal at the Marathon Initiative, writes a realist take on w...

By Elbridge Colby

A Strategy for Avoiding Two-Front War

The greatest risk facing the twenty-first-century United States, short of an out...

By A. Wess Mitchell

Interests, Not Values, Should Guide America’s China Strategy

America should seek to expand its coalition of allies and partners—but based o...

By Elbridge Colby

The Case for Offshore Balancing

In this piece, John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt argue that the United States sh...

By John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt


With Taiwan comments, is Biden signaling a two-front war strategy?

The United States appears to have forgotten that aggressive intentions are not t...

By George Beebe

David P. Goldman Explains China’s Grand Strategy

David P. Goldman, a Washington Fellow at The Claremont Institute’s Center for ...

By David P. Goldman

China Analysis: Explaining Evergrande

"Will we have another immediate round of financial stress-related news in China ...

By Jordan Schneider

Chasing the Tiger, Catching the Dragon: Hollywood and China

"In an ironic plot twist, Hollywood may find itself in the perverse position of ...

By James McKiernan

Crisis-Hit Turkey Survives as an Extension of China

"Turkey is weathering the storm of a catastrophic currency crisis through tighte...

By David P. Goldman

What Xi Wants

Stephen Kotkin on the Chinese Communist Party and how Marxist ideology fuels the...

By Stephen Kotkin on GEOPOP

The Thirty Tyrants

The deal that the American elite chose to make with China has a precedent in the...

By Lee Smith


Are We Sure America Is Not at War in Ukraine?

Are we at war in Ukraine? If we swapped places — if Russian apparatchiks admit...

By Bonnie Kristian

Coming Food Shortages

"How war in Ukraine conflict is creating a global humanitarian crisis," writes A...

By Adam Korzeniewski in Muzzle Velocity.

NATO Expansion for Finland and Sweden: A Dangerous and Unnecessary Distraction from U.S. Interests

"What is the hegemonic threat potential of a great power across a continent that...

By Dr. Sumantra Maitra

Why Russia and China Are Strengthening Security Ties

Alexander Gabuev explores whether or not the United States has played a role in ...

By Alexander Gabuev

Russia’s Twilight War: Peter Zeihan on Russia’s Geography and Demography

Political theorist Peter Zeihan discusses how Russia's impending demographic col...

By Peter Zeihan

Perspectives On Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

The folks at Defense Priorities have collated a collection of important perspect...

By Defense Priorities

Understanding The Russo-Ukrianian War: A Guide From War On The Rocks

Want to understand Russia's war on Ukraine? War On The Rocks has curated a list ...

By War On The Rocks

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