American Moment and American Reformer Host ‘Theology of American Statecraft’ Event

On Monday we hosted the first of a series of events geared towards forming a Protestant Coalition of political leaders, activists, philanthropists, theologians, clergy, academics, and hill staffers in DC. Entitled “The Reformation and the Nation,” Dr. Steve Nichols of Reformation College and Ligonier Ministries delivered a rich speech on the unique alternative protestant theology offers regarding statecraft as vocation.

Drawing heavily from John Calvin’s Institutes, he encouraged participants to view their work in/adjacent to DC through the lens of Incarnation as we strive to fulfill our calling to be “zealous for public welfare.” With sixty folks in attendance, the subsequent facilitated discussions during dinner led to lively conversations, new connections, and ideas for future collaboration.

“Statecraft is the cultivation of civility and ultimately serves the cultivation of gospel proclamation. A civil society is not the ultimate goal or calling of the Christian. Gospel proclamation is the ultimate calling of the Christian.”


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