American Moment Joins Heritage 2025 Presidential Transition Project

American Moment joined other leading conservative organizations in the 2025 Presidential Transition Project in an advisory capacity on issues of junior and middle-level personnel talent identification and development.

American Moment President Saurabh Sharma released the following statement with the June 24, 2022 press release:

“Rebuilding a pipeline of dedicated, conservative, and capable personnel who will fight to put America First starts at the most junior levels. American Moment looks forward to working with the Presidential Transition Project to ensure that thousands of talented junior and mid-level appointees are ready on day one to serve the next President of the United States.”

Heritage President Kevin Roberts released the following statement on the announcement of the advisory board:

“It is not enough for conservatives simply to win elections. We must ensure that the right people—those who love this country and are willing to fight for her—are serving in key roles in the next administration. Cleaning up the devastation caused by four years of Joe Biden’s rule will be an arduous task and will require committed patriots who not only have the right policy ideas, but know how to outsmart and overcome the administrative state. The Presidential Transition Project, led by Paul Dans and our advisory board, is going to work tirelessly for the next three years to make sure the conservative movement is ready for the moment.”


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