Samuel D. Samson Joins American Moment as Development Associate

Samuel D. Samson joins the American Moment team as a Development Associate.

Samuel D. Samson is the Development Associate at American Moment and is responsible for American Moment’s fundraising operation. With a great love of forming strong relationships and a proven track record of helping nonprofits grow, he works to ensure there is gas in the tank to keep American Moment’s gears running.

Born in Boston, MA, and raised in Houston, TX, Sam found an affinity with politics at a young age. He studied political theory and business at the University of Texas at Austin, where he graduated with honors in 2021. Outside of school, Sam’s work experience has ranged from the United States Senate to conservative think tanks. Most recently, he served as a Junior Fellow at the Thomistic Institute, helping oversee the organization’s most successful year to date.

Sam holds a deep appreciation for the intellectual life and the pursuit of truth. A proud Thomist, he is particularly interested in American conservatism’s intersection with St. Thomas Aquinas’ natural law theory and the classical understanding of liberty. His written work has been featured in many national publications including The American Conservative, The American Spectator, and The Federalist. In his free time, you can find him at his local Catholic Church, reading, playing golf, practicing the piano, or discussing political and theological takes with friends — preferably outside with a glass of red wine.

He joins the existing co-founding trio of Saurabh Sharma (President), Nick Solheim (COO), and Jake Mercier (CCO). Learn more about the full team here. Connect with Sam on Twitter @SamuelDSamson.


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