The Left will never admit it, but the end of “racism” would be an unmitigated disaster for them. It would rob them of their most powerful weapon—the accusation, however unfounded, of racism," writes David Azerrad at The American Mind.

Given the Left’s monomaniacal obsession with fighting the evils of racism, you could be forgiven for thinking they have no greater commitment than its ultimate eradication. Heck, they even occasionally say so—when they’re not demonizing white people and demanding color-conscious policies in perpetuity, that is.

In truth, the Left will never voluntarily let go of the claim that systemic racism pervades America, that it is “part of our DNA that’s passed on,” as Barack Obama says. The widespread belief that America is racist greatly empowers the Left. Having successfully defined themselves as the party of Anti-Racism, they occupy the moral high ground in America. And from that vaunted perch, they can condemn and absolve at will. The louder they denounce racism, the louder they proclaim their innocence. The Right, for its part, is reduced to pathetic cries of “Democrats are the real racists!”

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