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Money Culture’s Conquest of the American Family

Our word “culture” finds its root in the Latin cultus, meaning caretaking or worship. Every human culture is powered by some sense of what is highest, most valuable, most worth pursuing or preserving. This sense forms the background of our days, often slipping by unexamined. In a sick culture like ours, there might be an ambient, ill-defined sensation of futility, anxiety, fear, or rage humming just beneath the surface.

There might, depending upon the available technology, be a widespread, half-conscious flight to the psychic distractions and chemical sedations most able to dull the subterranean current of dread – opioids, smartphones, social media, porn, junk food, etc. But even more darkly, this misery and these flights might be the point, the beating heart of our culture, a vital, necessary call to prayer, buzzed out twenty-four hours a day from a million cellphone towers and satellites.

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