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"The New Right must resist digital fantasy and reconnect with the physical world," writes Nate Hochman in The American Mind's American Mindset.

The Dutch have a saying: Doe normaal. The phrase, which roughly translates to “just be normal!”, is a kind of gentle, grandmotherly admonition, usually deployed to chide someone for—to use the distinctly modern American construction—acting out of pocket.

In the contemporary American context, being normal is a revolutionary act. To fall in love and start a family, to put down roots and have children, to coach a son’s Little League or drive a daughter to dance practice—these are forms of resistance to the regime. They’re also essential components of the good life, and our young friends on the very online New Right desperately need to re-engage with them.

It’s no secret that the Right’s elite institutions are populated by unimaginative bureaucrats and out-of-touch elitists who disdain the ordinary Americans that they are ostensibly supposed to be fighting for. But what is less discussed is the problem of the young, overeager conservative elites who are committed to fighting for the great American middle—at least in theory—but simultaneously desperate to be an actual part of the class that they claim to speak for: To be of rather than just for the people.

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