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The Washington foreign policy blob suddenly cares about borders and "territorial integrity."

There’s nothing more tiresome or predictable than a cable news host who makes the show about himself. Narcissism is to TV people what black lung is to coal miners, and we do our best to avoid catching it. But we’re going to break our rule and tell you about something pretty interesting that happened to “Tucker Carlson Tonight” a couple of days ago.

On Tuesday, we did a segment about the nation of Ukraine. Now, Ukraine may be a perfectly nice place to visit, but you wouldn’t think it would get a lot of attention from a superpower like this one. Ukraine is a pretty small country, really. It’s in Eastern Europe. It’s 5,000 miles from Washington. It’s got a population about the size of the state of California. So hugely significant? Not really. And yet we never seem to stop talking about Ukraine.

As the Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden himself spent an enormous amount of his time meddling in the internal affairs of Ukraine and because of his influence in that country, his son Hunter got a job at a Ukrainian company and got rich from that. Then Donald Trump was impeached for speaking on the phone to an official from, yes, Ukraine.

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