In Today's episode of "Moment of Truth," Saurabh sits down with Jonathan Berry, Managing Partner at Boyden Gray & Associates and former Regulatory Policy Officer at the U.S. Department of Labor, to discuss truly conservative labor policies, the gig economy versus "domestic economy," AI, how to combat the administrative state, and Berry's work with judicial nominees and SCOTUS confirmations.

A partner with Boyden Gray & Associates, Jonathan Berry is an experienced regulatory litigator, counselor, and federal executive. He leads BG&A’s fuels regulation practice, representing coalitions in regulatory proceedings and in litigation before the D.C. Circuit. Most recently, Mr. Berry headed the regulatory office at the U.S. Department of Labor, where he oversaw the development process of dozens of proposed and final rules.

Mr. Berry previously served at the Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Policy, where he assisted with the confirmations of Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch and dozens of other federal judges, and also with the development of the Sessions and Brand memos on proper use of subregulatory guidance documents. He also served as Chief Counsel to the President-Elect Trump Transition, advising on ethics and legal policy.

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