Foundations of American Statecraft is a series of new 10-week certification courses, designed to be a tool for interns and junior staff in Washington, D.C. to credential themselves as they seek to move into substantive policy roles. Our goal with Foundations of American Statecraft is to create a tool that managers can rely on to attest to young staff’s policy alignment and fluency. Applications are now closed.

Our first program, “Conflict, Foreign Policy, and Diplomacy,” began in early April and will last for ten weeks. Participants will engage in evening seminars once a week, delivered by subject-area experts. Meet our inaugural Foundations Class of 2022 here.

With a wide-ranging curriculum presented over dozens of seminars, participants will be immersed in foreign policy history, theory, and real-world case studies. A few sample topics include:

  • The Foreign Policy Landscape in Washington
  • The Toolbox of American Statecraft
  • Spheres of Influence and Our Relationship with South America
  • Migration and Its Consequences for Foreign Affairs
  • China’s Belt and Road Initiative
  • Lessons From Failed Adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • The Trump Administration’s Foreign Policy Legacy

Participants will be expected to study readings, videos, articles, and other content provided by program leaders and lecturers. Upon completion of the program, participants will be orally-tested to ensure basic fluency in the issues discussed during the program, and offered a $500 stipend if they pass. 

Applications to apply for Foundations of American Statecraft: Conflict, Foreign Policy, and Diplomacy are now closed.


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