Board of Advisors

Rachel Bovard has over a decade of experience fighting for conservative policies in Washington. Beginning in 2006, she served in both the House and Senate in various roles including as legislative director for Senator

James Braid serves as Chief of Staff to the Hon. Ken Buck. Previously, he served as Rep. Rosendale’s Chief of Staff. In the Trump Administration, he was Deputy to the Associate Director for Legislative Affairs at the Office of Management and Budget.

Ryan Girdusky is a political consultant and writer. In 2021, he founded 1776 Project PAC, the first nationwide political action committee dedicated to school board elections. 

Josh Hammer is the Newsweek opinion editor, a research fellow at the Edmund Burke Foundation, a syndicated columnist, a contributing editor for Anchoring Truths, and counsel and policy advisor for the Internet Accountability Project.

Terry Schilling is the Executive Director of the American Principles Project, responsible for developing, coordinating, and implementing APP’s strategy, and messaging and grassroots activity at the state and federal level. 

J.D. Vance is an investor, commentator, and author of the #1 NYT Bestselling Hillbilly Elegy, described by the National Review as a “brilliant book” and by The Economist as “one of the most important” reads of 2016.

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