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Common Good Originalism After Dobbs

Now is the time to go on the offensive, says AM Board of Advisors Member Josh Hammer, in his full speech at the NatCon III conference in Miami.


The Long March Into Space

While private actors drive the space industry in the West, China’s state-led approach continues to bear fruit.


The American Security State Comes Home

After 21 years, it appears we have gone full circle: the War on Terror’s “you are either with us or against us” mentality has come home.


The End of Industrial Society

The Industrial Revolution stopped before it was ever completed. The aftermath is not a clean and developed world, but lost knowledge and civilizational decline.


Can Realism Find a Home on the Left?

The question of whether narrow nationalism and restrained foreign policy realism will come from the Left or Right is the ultimate choice for an exhausted republic facing crippling inflation, potential overstretch, and insolvency.


Biden Brings the War on Terror Home

President Biden in his primetime speech Thursday sure sounded like a man preparing to criminalize Trumpism. Is the White House expanding the great policy error of our time?


Why Civilizations Collapse

We have to evaluate the perceptions that mint facts and theory, not merely peruse the body of theories handed down to us.


Lean Out: Why Women Can’t Have It All

“It’s no coincidence that the vast increase in female workforce participation has coincided with the reappearance of something that the more egalitarian America of the early 20th century did not have, and that is a servant class.”


Where the Chips Fell

Julius Krein offers his thoughts on the CHIPS Act, and an explanation of the process that birthed the final form of the Semiconductor legislation.


The Other Realignment

“Without a credi­ble vision of a shared past or a shared future, centrism is reduced to the self-serving manipulation of the moralism of the Left and the indirection of the Right, in defense of an illegitimate status quo.” Julius Krein offers a thought experiment, where the driving force of political “realignment” ends up being the center-left establishment.


Lighthizer Wins the Long Game

Once a voice crying out in the wilderness, the GOP trade expert has seen his ideas enter the mainstream.