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Claremont Review of Books

Ungovernable France

A divided country lurches toward nationalism, writes Christopher Caldwell in the Claremont Review of Books.

American Moment Studios

The Power of Mexican Drug Cartels

Victor Avila, retired ICE Special Agent, breaks down the geopolitics and current state of Mexico’s violent drug cartels and their impact on the border crisis, human trafficking, and drugs pouring into American communities.

American Moment Studios

The Cartel Menace (ft. Victor Avila)

In Today’s episode of “Moment of Truth,” Saurabh sits down with Victor Avila, Supervisory Special Agent (Ret.) at Immigration & Customs Enforcement, to discuss the real nature of Mexico’s violent drug cartels, how the cartels expanded operations beyond narcotics into all illicit activities such as human trafficking, extortion, assassinations, and more, their physical control of nearly 40% of the nation of Mexico, plus their attempt on Victor’s life for speaking out and fighting for peace and justice.

Law & Liberty

Silence and Submission

In Law & Liberty, Aidan Harte takes on Ireland’s new anti-free speech legislation, and its “worrying legal implications for Europe.”

Tablet Magazine

A Guide to Understanding the Hoax of the Century

“Since 2016, the federal government has spent billions of dollars on turning the counter-disinformation complex into one of the most powerful forces in the modern world: a sprawling leviathan with tentacles reaching into both the public and private sector, which the government uses to direct a “whole of society” effort that aims to seize total control over the internet and achieve nothing less than the eradication of human error.”


It’s Not Un-Christian to Control Migration

Miriam Cates, a Member of Parliament in the United Kingdom, makes the case that the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby’s objection to the Illegal Migration Bill is an incomplete picture of the truth of the situation.

American Moment Studios

What Do We Owe Workers? (ft. Jonathan Berry)

In Today’s episode of “Moment of Truth,” Saurabh sits down with Jonathan Berry, Managing Partner at Boyden Gray & Associates and former Regulatory Policy Officer at the U.S. Department of Labor, to discuss truly conservative labor policies, the gig economy versus “domestic economy,” AI, how to combat the administrative state, and Berry’s work with judicial nominees and SCOTUS confirmations.

American Moment Studios

The Origins of Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley has its roots in the defense industrial base of WWII, with research and production initiatives focused on weapons systems, computing, and the nuclear program.

American Moment Studios

Feminism Isn’t Progress

In this American Moment original clip, noted author and journalist Mary Harrington of UnHerd discusses how feminism, in her view, is not a sign of progress, but rather simply the result of industrialization.

American Moment Studios

The Debt Limit Fight, Explained

The debt ceiling fight in the U.S. Congress between Republican Speaker Kevin McCarthy and in the Executive Branch with Democrat President Joe Biden, explained by Russ Vought, President of Center for Renewing America.

American Moment Studios

Bioethics Unmasked

Canceled bioethicist and medical expert Dr. Aaron Kheriaty delves deep into the heart of the American bioethics community and exposes a web of corruption and scandal that has unfolded amidst the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Public Discourse

Reckoning with Colonialism

As a moral framework for assessing regimes in an imperfect world, Nigel Biggar’s Colonialism: A Moral Reckoning has much to recommend it, writes Samuel Gregg in Public Discourse.

American Moment Studios

Total Financial Collapse (ft. Russ Vought and Dan Caldwell)

In Today’s episode of “Moment of Truth,” Saurabh sits down with Russ Vought, President of Center for Renewing America and former Director of OMB under Trump and Dan Caldwell, U.S. Marine (ret.) and Vice President of Center for Renewing America. We discuss the weaponization of government against the American people, the future of the war in Ukraine, and what to expect during the debt limit fight and how it serves as an opportunity to defund the woke federal bureaucracies destroying America.

The American Conservative

Arctic Fever

“A new book makes a strong case that Russia’s Arctic policy does not present a growing geopolitical danger,” writes American Moment COO Nick Solheim in The American Conservative.

The Wall Street Journal

Venture Capitalists Should Bet on America

Washington can cooperate with the private sector. Elon Musk’s SpaceX showed the way, write Katherine Boyle and David Ulevitch in The Wall Street Journal.

American Moment Studios

From Medics to Merchants Of Death (ft. Dr. Aaron Kheriaty)

In Today’s episode of “Moment of Truth,” Saurabh and Nick sit down with Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, Fellow at the Ethics & Public Policy Center, Chief of Psychiatry & Ethics at Doc1 Health, and Author of “The New Abnormal: The Rise of the Biomedical Security State,” to discuss the origins of the Covid-19 virus, the efficacy of the vaccines, and the troubling ethics of vaccine mandates, gender dysphoria, transgenderism, and euthanasia.

Manhattan Institute

Broken Windows Policing Is Exactly What NYC Needs Now

“Following a harrowing weekend that saw 29 people shot across the city, Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell announced an initiative aimed at curbing ‘the quality-of-life offenses that contribute to crime and disorder.’ This is precisely what New York City needs”

Palladium Magazine

Britain Is Dead

Despite its early industrial dominance, Britain’s elites never managed to adapt to the new landscape of power. After more than a century of structural breakdown, its very future as a unified state is in doubt.

The Spectator

Art is Eating Itself

“We are living in a social-media culture so lobotomised by vanity that it has even become possible for a person to pose outside of Auschwitz concentration camp, as if the railway track were the side of an infinity pool in Bali.”

American Moment Studios

Industrial Society and its Consequences for Women (ft. Mary Harrington)

In Today’s episode of “Moment of Truth,” Saurabh sits down with Mary Harrington, contributing editor for UnHerd and author of “Feminism Against Progress,” to discuss industrial society and its consequences for women, society’s transhumanist moment and its impact on family life and happiness, and how the internet accelerated it all.

The American Conservative

How Airbus Took Flight

The success of the aerospace company evidences strong returns on strategic industrial investment writes Gabriela Rodriguez in The American Conservative.

American Moment Studios

The Dying Liberal Imperium (ft. Dr. Gladden Pappin)

Gladden Pappin, incoming President of the Hungarian Institute of Foreign Affairs, joins Moment of Truth to talk American and European conservatism, Hungary, and the decline of the liberal order.

The American Main Street Initiative

Are Cops “Systemically Racist”—and Is America?

This article from American Main Street asks whether police officers are racist and presents different perspectives on the issue. It cites a Pew Research Center survey that found that white police officers are more likely to believe that racism is no longer a problem in America than white civilians or black Americans. It also cites a book by Heather Mac Donald that argues that racial profiling is a legitimate and effective policing strategy that benefits black communities. However, the article also acknowledges that police brutality and racial bias are real and serious problems that need to be addressed. It concludes by calling for more dialogue and understanding between police and the public, as well as more accountability and transparency in law enforcement.

American Moment Studios

We Brought Nerf Guns To A Cyber War (ft. Joshua Steinman)

Joshua Steinman, Co-Founder Galvanick, joins Moment of Truth to discuss Silicon Valley, his time at the Trump Administration’s National Security Council, war, and technology — and what a cyber war in the 21st Century will look like.


How NATO’s expansion helped drive Putin to invade Ukraine

Ukraine, as the largest former Soviet republic in Europe besides Russia itself, has been a key part of alliance talks since it declared independence from the USSR in 1991. In the three decades since, NATO expansion has put four members on Ukraine’s borders.

The New Thinkery

How to Read Plato: An Audio Guide

Join Alex, David, and Greg of The New Thinkery as they discuss how to read Plato, perhaps the most influential philosopher in history, while also talking about the insights that are illuminated by their reading.

Public Discourse

Harry V. Jaffa and Allan Bloom: The Contested Legacy of Leo Strauss

Harry Jaffa and Allan Bloom represent two ways of understanding the political philosophy of Leo Strauss, particularly in relation to the concept of classical natural right. The creative tension between Jaffa and Bloom, as well as their respective students, has produced some of the finest scholarship of the last half century or more.

The American Conservative

Are Americans Willing to Die for Taiwan?

Taiwan, China, and America are heading toward a dangerous confrontation. They are sleepwalking, or, perhaps more accurately, staggering towards war. Any conflict would be terrible at best and most likely catastrophic, setting East Asia aflame, triggering decades of strife, roiling the global economy, and endangering the U.S. homeland.

American Moment Studios

Senator JD Vance’s Moment Has Come | FULL INTERVIEW

Senator JD Vance joins the 100th Episode of Moment of Truth for his first full-length on-camera interview as a U.S. Senator where we talk Ukraine, the Railway Safety Act, Silicon Valley Bank, Making Birth Free, Taiwan, and more.

Restoring American Manufacturing: A Practical Guide

Summary: Officially, the United States has no industrial policy. But in practice, it has had one in place for decades that has shrunk America’s manufacturing sector and blunted its technological edge: Tax and regulatory policies that discourage capital-intensive investment, subsidies for white-collar professionals rather than skilled workers, and shrinking support for the basic scientific research that sustains productivity. As a result, the US depends on China and other countries for strategic goods, and runs chronic deficits that have swollen our obligations to foreigners. All nations have industrial policies, and America need one that fosters industry rather than stifles it.

The American Conservative

‘The World That We Will Live and Die In’

“There’s been this desire in the last 50 or 60 years…to define America’s interests so broadly that you could fit any moral crusade…I see that a lot with Ukraine arguments.”


Museums Are Hiding the Past

‘Upon entering the exhibit, audiences are confronted with a statement on “Emotional Preparedness” written by a “trauma specialist.” In case anyone felt faint, there was an emergency exit.’