The Fellowship for American Statecraft is unlike any other program in Washington.

American Moment organizes and pays accepted Fellows $3,000 per month for the spring, summer, or fall, and places them at an internship either on Capitol Hill or in the public policy non-profit sphere in Washington, D.C.

The stipend is designed to be livable and not require outside housing supplementation, and Fellows are placed with American Moment allies to develop on-the-job skills and key early career credentials.

The steepest hill to climb for any young person looking to get involved in politics or public policy is to get their first job—the first institution willing to credential them with their dollar and reputation in affiliation. We are not adherent to the morally bankrupt system that is American higher education, so we did not require college degrees, as well as prior political experience, for admission. The program’s generous funding is designed to make the Fellowship livable with no external income, so young people of all economic means are encouraged to apply.

➡️ Highest-paid DC Fellowship with small class size
➡️ No college degree or prior political experience required for admission
➡️ Partners with top Congressional offices and public policy organizations
➡️ Past speakers include Steve Bannon, Jeff Sessions, Blake Masters, JD Vance, Rachel Bovard
➡️ Job opportunities and career advising

Additionally, one day per week, Fellows will join American Moment staff, allied organizations, and public policy leaders for seminars designed to supplement their on-the-job education and teach them the foundations of public policy across American Moment’s issue priorities. Moreover, networking activities and other exciting opportunities will be offered so that any Fellowship member has the opportunity to meet new like-minded peers and mentors.

Applications for the Fall 2024 program running from August 26 to November 15, 2024 are now OPEN. Click here to apply.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the Fellowship for American Statecraft? 

American Moment organizes and pays accepted Fellows $3,000 monthly for the summer and places them at an internship either on Capitol Hill or in a public policy non-profit in Washington, DC. Fellows are placed with American Moment allies to develop on-the-job skills and key early career credentials. 


When is the Fellowship for American Statecraft? 

 The Fellowship for American Statecraft in 2024 will take place February 16th-May 3rd (Spring), May 23rd-August 9th (Summer), and September 6th-November 22nd (Fall). 


What are my options for housing? 

Fellows are primarily responsible for finding their own housing. However, in some cases, American Moment may be able to find reduced-cost housing options depending on availability. 


What would my weeks look like? 

For 12 weeks, Fellows are placed in congressional offices and public policy organizations where they intern four days a week. On the fifth day (Friday), Fellows spend all day in American Moment’s Capitol Hill office to receive lectures from leading public policy experts, strategists, and practitioners. 


Do I get to pick which office or organization I am placed in for the Fellowship? 

During the application process, you will have the opportunity to indicate your preference for an ideal destination(s), but American Moment will make all final decisions on placement. Review our list of partners for a list of previous destinations. 


What if I already have an internship? Can I still participate in the Fellowship?

Possibly. Reach out to Nick Solheim at [email protected]. 


What is the goal of the Fellowship? 

The Fellowship is designed to place talented young people in their first Washington job to set them up for a long-term career in politics and public policy. 


Who is the ideal candidate for the Fellowship? 

The ideal candidate for the Fellowship for American Statecraft is hard-working, responsible on social media, immediately employable following the Fellowship, and aligned with American Moment’s priorities. 


Do I need a college degree to participate? 



Who are the lecturers? 

Past lecturers have included:  

  • Elbridge Colby, Co-Founder and Principal of The Marathon Initiative and former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Strategy and Force Development in the Trump Administration 
  • Will Ruger, President of the American Institute for Economic Research and President Trump’s nominee for Ambassador of Afghanistan 
  • David Azerrad, Assistant Professor and Research Fellow at Hillsdale College’s Graduate School of Government 
  • Russell T. Vought, President of the Center for Renewing America and former Director of the Office of Management and Budget in the Trump Administration. 
  • Rachel Bovard, Executive Director of the Senate Steering Committee 
  • Helen Andrews, Senior Editor of The American Conservative and author of BOOMERS: The Men and Women Who Promised Freedom and Delivered Disaster 
  • Stephen K. Bannon, host of Steve Bannon’s War Room 
  • Jeff Clark, Senior Fellow and Director of Litigation for the Center for Renewing America and former Acting Assistant Attorney General of the Department of Justice’s Civil Division 
  • Blake Masters, co-author of Zero to One, and former President of the Thiel Foundation 
  • Alexa Walker, Director of Coalitions at the Heritage Foundation 
  • Oren Cass, Executive Director of American Compass 
  • Jeff Sessions, former Attorney General of the United States and Senator from Alabama 
  • Saagar Enjeti, founder and host of Breaking Points 
  • Dr. Kevin Roberts, President of the Heritage Foundation 
  • Mark Meadows, former White House Chief of Staff and Congressman from North Carolina 
  • Paul Dans, Director of Project 2025 at the Heritage Foundation 
  • …and many more! 

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