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The Fellowship for American Statecraft is unlike any other program in Washington. American Moment organizes and pays accepted Fellows $3,000 per month for the summer and places them at an internship either on Capitol Hill or in the public policy non-profit sphere in Washington, DC. The stipend is designed to be livable and not require outside housing supplementation, and Fellows are placed with American Moment allies to develop on-the-job skills and key early career credentials.

The steepest hill to climb for any young person looking to get involved in politics or public policy is to get their first job—the first institution willing to credential them with their dollar and reputation in affiliation. We are not adherent to the morally bankrupt system that is American higher education, so we did not require college degrees, as well as prior political experience, for admission. The program’s generous funding is designed to make the Fellowship livable with no external income, so young people of all economic means are encouraged to apply. 

➡️ Highest-paid DC internship with small class size
➡️ No college degree or prior political experience required for admission
➡️ Partners with top Congressional offices and public policy organizations
➡️ Past speakers include Steve Bannon, Jeff Sessions, Blake Masters, JD Vance, Rachel Bovard
➡️ Job opportunities and career advising

Additionally, one day per week, Fellows will join American Moment staff, allied organizations, and public policy leaders for seminars designed to supplement their on-the-job education and teach them the foundations of public policy across American Moment’s issue priorities. Moreover, networking activities and other exciting opportunities will be offered so that any Fellowship member has the opportunity to meet new like-minded peers and mentors.

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More About American Moment

Our Mission

American Moment’s mission is to identify, educate, and credential young Americans who will implement public policy that supports strong families, a sovereign nation, and prosperity for all. American Moment hosts events, produces original content, and builds networks to create personnel who will implement our priorities in government, business, and public policy organizations.

Personnel Is Policy

The only way to preserve and continue progress on our priorities is to build durable, principled, and focused organizations to keep the torch alive. Political personnel retains an enormous amount of influence in directing the policy activity, efficacy, and productivity of institutions, legislative offices, and executive agencies. While significant attention is devoted to the principles of these entities, be they elected officials or organization leaders, there has been a lack of significant institutional attention directed towards identifying, educating, and credentialing principled and effective political operatives at the junior and middle levels.

Get Involved

American Moment’s Summer Fellowship Program is just the beginning of the effort to solve these issues. We also host regional policy workshop events, including our flagship event, SUMMIT: A Conference On American StatecraftYou can also check out our AMCanon page to delve deep into various policy topics.


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