American Moment Profiled In Politico Magazine

“American Moment, a small but scrappy organization…quietly reshaping the conservative establishment in Washington,” writes Ian Ward in a new Politico Magazine feature on American Moment. “On the agenda: How to take over the federal government, one junior staff position at a time.”

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American Moment in Axios

On Friday, Axios highlighted American Moment’s educational programming and personnel strategy in a new piece. Key excerpts below: Startups including American Moment have sprung up

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Up From Chaos — Media Roundup

POLITICO MAGAZINE: Trumpian Conservatives Hold an ‘Emergency’ Meeting Over Russia (4/2/22) “The participants generally described themselves as ‘realists’ and ‘restrainers,’ and the meeting featured what

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Announcing Up From Chaos

This emergency conference brings together elected officials, scholars, & business leaders to set the future of conservative foreign policy.

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Announcing AM Fridays

This Friday we are launching AM Fridays—weekly catered lunches at our offices on Capitol Hill where interns, staff assistants, legislative correspondents, or any other interested

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Media | Saurabh Sharma on Bannon’s War Room

American Moment President Saurabh Sharma joined Steve Bannon’s War Room to discuss on how the next generation of America First conservatives can work to stop the subversion of the next populist-nationalist president, whether it be Donald Trump or someone else.

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We Will Not Go Back

The original essay from American Moment’s founders that started it all. Released in November of 2020, ‘We Will Not Go Back’ was an opening salvo, declaring independence from the old ways of thinking that have burdened the Republican party.

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