American Moment Launches Season 2 of Moment of Truth Podcast

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After a brief hiatus, Moment of Truth returns with an all-new episode — and a revamped logo and design — to kick off Season 2. Dr. Scott Atlas joins us to break down COVID-19 hysteria, failures of lockdowns, and how "the experts" got it wrong.

After a successful first season, with over 50 hours of content and guests ranging from Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions to Helen Andrews, J.D. Vance, and Michael Anton, American Moment is proud to bring back the beloved show for another exciting season.

Ending season one on a high note, Saurabh and Nick sat down with Amanda Milius, former Deputy Assistant Secretary for Content at the U.S. State Department, founder of AMDC Films, and Producer and Director of “The Plot Against The President” documentary, to discuss working in Hollywood as a closet conservative, why she left Los Angeles to volunteer on the Trump campaign, what it was like serving in the State Department, and the lasting successes and failures of the Trump Administration.

For this episode, we are excited to talk with Dr. Scott Atlas, former White House Coronavirus Task Force Advisor, author of “A Plague Upon Our House,” and Senior Fellow in Healthcare Policy at the Hoover Institution, where we dive deeper into “the most egregious failure of public health in modern history” also known as the tyrannical Birx-Fauci plan, why Florida responded differently than other states, and what future leaders must do to defeat “the swamp” and restore liberty in America.


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