Announcing AM Fridays

This Friday we are launching AM Fridaysweekly catered lunches at our offices on Capitol Hill where interns, staff assistants, legislative correspondents, or any other interested in staff on the Hill or in public policy organizations can participate in foundational seminars on the core public policy issues of our time. We will tackle how a responsible, effective right-of-center should meet the crises of family formation, national solidarity, and great power competition in the 21st century.

We intended this to be a small pilot program of just under 20 young staff. However, it’s already ballooned to become a much larger group due to the enormous appetite for our programming from senior and junior staff alike on Capitol Hill. The inaugural speaker will be Professor David Azerrad of Hillsdale College, who will give an overview of the emergent trends in conservatism and their application to the cutting-edge of public policy across different issue areas.

We are thrilled to have many offices on the Hill participating, as well as interest from nonprofit organizations. In future sessions, we are excited to cover basic tenets of conservative public policy including first principles, immigration, trade, welfare, foreign policy, China, infrastructure, tech, and more.


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