American Moment President to Help Lead Edmund Burke Foundation

WASHINGTON—The Edmund Burke Foundation (EBF) announced the appointment today of Saurabh Sharma as its Executive Director. EBF is a Washington public affairs institute that is best known for its National Conservatism Conferences in the United States and Europe.

Sharma is the co-founder and President of American Moment, a Washington-based organization specializing in the training and placement of nationalist conservatives in congressional offices, public-policy organizations, allied businesses, and presidential administrations. Sharma will serve as Executive Director of EBF while continuing in his present role at American Moment. 

Edmund Burke Foundation Chairman Yoram Hazony described the appointment as the first step in a broader strategic partnership between the two organizations. 

“We’ve had a strong working relationship with American Moment from the moment Sharma and his co-founders first conceived their organization three years ago,” Hazony said. “Now, we are ready to take the National Conservatism movement to the next level. A closer collaboration between us and American Moment is just the thing that’s needed at this time.”   

“National Conservatism Conference laid the intellectual soil in which American Moment first grew,” Sharma said. “We at American Moment are honored to help lead this movement, and look forward to hosting the most impactful NatCon yet in the coming months.”


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