American Moment President Signs On To TPPF Border Security Coalition Project

American Moment's President Saurabh Sharma signed on to TPPF's States Trust Border Security Coalition project with the goal of reaching a solution at the crisis at the Southern border.

The letter outlines the following principles anchoring the project:

  • Securing the U.S. southern border and all U.S. ports of entry is the essential first step without which other changes to U.S. immigration law cannot be made.
  • Decisive U.S. Executive and Legislative action is required to update the asylum system and reduce the massive backlog of cases faced by overwhelmed immigration courts.
  • Immigrants must be admitted to the United States based on the overall best interests and needs of American citizens and communities.
  • The states, especially those like Texas that are most impacted by federal failures on this front, are proper collaborators in achieving changes to the U.S. immigration system. Any solutions need to include an active role for the states, that allows local priorities to be addressed.


Read the full coalition letter below.



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