American Moment Featured in The Economist

American Moment's education and personnel efforts were highlighted in a new piece in The Economist — "In preparation for power, America’s new right builds new institutions"

Agilded conference room stocked with coffee and lanyard-wearing men in dark suits is a common enough sight in Washington. Only a sign at the door reading “The Lies of the Ruling Class”, hosted by the Claremont Institute’s year-old Centre for the American Way of Life, marks this event at the Mayflower Hotel as something more unusual. “America’s elites are not bright, not competent and not qualified,” says Michael Anton, a former national-security aide to Donald Trump, in the day’s first session. United in favour of economic nationalism, a restrained foreign policy and restricted immigration, many of the room’s self-described national conservatives see the “threat” to America from the left in existential terms. Yet they are brimming with confidence.

Come November, when Republicans expect to retake one if not both chambers of Congress, the national conservatives hope to translate their budding movement’s energy into a share of that power. Thrilled by Mr Trump’s election but disappointed by his inability to convert unorthodox instincts into action, they are intent on shaping a new conservative elite and agenda. Like-minded wonks and former Trump-administration officials are busy building think-tanks and advocacy organisations, to provide the policies and, crucially, the personnel for a new Republican right.



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