Overrun provides the first full account of the worst mass immigration border crisis ever to strike the United States, how and why the administration of President Joe Biden unleashed it, how it has forever altered the nation, and what voters and all future leaders need to comprehend in order to finally end it.

Millions of foreign nationals have overrun the southern border, starting on Inauguration Day in 2021, and millions more will cross over by the end of President Joe Biden’s term in 2024. This event is historic by all measures, exceeding even the storied chronicles of Ellis Island, and portends the same permanent change for the nation. Unfortunately, a fog of a fierce partisan information war obscures that it is even happening as well as basic truths Americans desperately need to have about this historic event. Radical ideologues, whose ideas even the modern Democratic Party had always rejected, gained power in 2020 and, with impunity, implemented an extreme reality-divorced theology about immigration. Americans never voted for their experiment or the irrevocable consequences that immediately waylaid a surprised nation.

But American citizens must reclaim their say. This book provides what is needed now: reporting-based analysis that will lay bare this crushing ongoing emergency’s causes, dimensions, and chaotic impacts so as to finally illuminate the pathway out of it. Here is ground zero of the human tsunami that smashed into America and is still washing into all fifty states with permanent consequences. It is a true story that can be found nowhere else because it comes from the author’s frontline reportage throughout the borderlands and all along the migration trails in Central America from its first days. Its primary sources are not “experts,” politicians and media pundits, but the witnesses to this history, the immigrants at its core.

Todd Bensman is an award-winning newspaper reporter and magazine writer who transitioned to a career as a national security intelligence professional for the Texas Department of Public Safety and then returned to writing and publishing. He currently serves as the Texas-based Senior National Security Fellow for the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), a Washington, D.C. policy institute for which he writes, lectures, and grants media interviews about the nexus between immigration and national security. He has testified before Congress as an expert witness and regularly appears on radio, television, podcast and online news outlets for his national security and border security expertise. Separately, he reports on international and domestic terrorism matters for major online news sites and teaches terrorism, journalism, and intelligence analysis as a university adjunct lecturer.

Bensman was born in Houston, Texas and raised in Phoenix, Arizona before moving to Alaska to work as reporter and then, after traveling long roads reporting in dozens of countries, settled in his native Texas and began working both sides of his state’s long border with Mexico. He is the recipient of two National Press Club awards for his foreign reporting, an Inter-American Press Association Award, and two Texas Institute of Letters awards among many others. In line with his hybridized journalism-intelligence career, Bensman holds a master’s degree in journalism from the University of Missouri to go with his master’s degree in security studies from the Naval Postgraduate School.

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