How come our modern cities have become so hostile to humans, so ugly, car-oriented and grey? What is the solution to these problems - how can we return to a more human, beautiful and liveable city? In this podcast, host Ruben Hanssen interviews experts in the fields of architecture, urban planning and urban design to find out how we can improve our cities, our architecture and our streets, in order to create more friendly and beautiful places.

The clock is ticking; valuable land is wasted on dreary developments while many beautiful, picturesque urban environments are at risk of being jarred forever by ugly buildings that don’t belong there. There are better ways to build; let’s explore how!

Building Culture creates wonderful structural brick masonry, something not common in current construction practice (to put it very mildly). Their work is beautiful, of excellent quality and above all, authentic. This authenticity sparks a passion and lingering desire for beauty in many who see their work. Starting Building Culture has been a life changing experience for its founder Austin Tunnell, who is as passionate as it gets about building. Listen to his inspiring story in this episode!

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