In Today's episode of "Moment of Truth," Saurabh and Nick sit down with Andrew Crapuchettes, CEO and Founder of, to discuss the red vs. blue state economic moment, how venture capital has changed the way we think about business, where you can find non-woke jobs, and the rise of the parallel economy.

Andrew Crapuchettes is a pioneer in the labor market data and analytics industry, and he is the visionary behind RedBalloon. Mr. Crapuchettes began his career as a young Silicon Valley entrepreneur, building business process automation and selling 3D modeling software. In 2001, Mr. Crapuchettes became a founding member and later CEO of Emsi (now Lightcast), which he transformed from a little-known consulting company of three employees to an international economic data firm with over 250 employees worldwide.

Mr. Crapuchettes not only pioneered the operational tenets that rocketed Emsi to success, but led the company through four successful transitions to two private equity firms, a strategic buyer, and a national non-profit, with each transition producing significant returns for the investors. Mr. Crapuchettes has also contributed his talents to numerous other companies, some of which have led to additional strategic and MBO exits. He has taught graduate-level classes on 3D modeling and software architecture, and has served on the board of multiple non-profit organizations. He and his wife live in Idaho with their five children.

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