Famous author and podcaster Bret Easton Ellis joined The UnHerd Club to talk Gen X vs. millennials, Kanye, wokeness, and more.

Some interesting excerpts:

  • “Mamet and Houellebecq understand our moment better than anybody; they see through the hypocrisy, what they call the “authoritarian liberalism” that has been infecting Europe as well as the United States. They locate it, they decimate it.”
  • “I think part of the reason why Gen X is the most conservative of the generations — much more than boomers, much more than millennials — is that we had the most freedom. We looked to be shocked. We wanted to be offended. We loved dirty jokes. We loved music.”
  • “Today the world has to be childproof: everyone is walking on eggshells.”

Read the full transcript below.

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