Recovering the Lost Art of the Blue Collar Household (ft. C.R. Wiley) thumbnail

In Today's episode of "Moment of Truth," Nick sits down with C.R. Wiley, Pastor of Westminster Presbyterian Church in Battle Ground, Washington and Author of "The Household & the War for the Cosmos," to discuss rediscovering community, morality, tradition, masculinity, strong families and how blue collar work naturally welds these qualities into society.


C.R. Wiley is Pastor of Westminster Presbyterian Church in Battle Ground, Washington, Co-Host of “The Theology Pugcast,” and has been married for 30 years with three grown children. He has written for Touchstone Magazine, Modern Reformation, Sacred Architecture, The Imaginative Conservative, Front Porch Republic, National Review Online, and First Things, among others. His most recent book is, “In the House of Tom Bombadil” (2021). He is also the author of, “The Household and the War for the Cosmos” published by Canon Press (2019). He is a board member of the Academy of Philosophy and Letters, as well as New Saint Andrews College


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