In Today’s episode of “Moment of Truth,” Saurabh sits down with Kevin Roberts, President of the Heritage Foundation, to discuss the state of the conservative movement, and the future of the Heritage Foundation, as well as trade, education, family policy, foreign policy with Russia, Ukraine, and China, and what must be done to save our Republic in these perilous times.

Kevin Roberts, Ph.D., was named president of The Heritage Foundation in October 2021. He succeeded former Heritage President Kay C. James as the seventh president in the organization’s 48-year history. Roberts previously served as the chief executive officer of the Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF), an Austin-based nonprofit, nonpartisan research institute and the largest state think tank in the nation. Under Roberts’ leadership, TPPF more than doubled in size. He also expanded the Texas think tank’s influence nationwide, opening an office in Washington, D.C., so that TPPF research might better inform federal policy debates.

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