West Virginia State Treasurer Riley Moore joins Moment of Truth to talk woke "ESG" (Environmental, Social, and Governance) policies on the American economy, standing up to big banks, and more!

In Today’s episode of “Moment of Truth,” Saurabh and Nick sit down with Riley Moore, West Virginia’s State Treasurer, to discuss the horrific consequences of woke “ESG” (Environmental, Social, and Governance) policies on the American economy and especially West Virginia’s coal industry, what this means for American energy independence and global energy stability, plus new legislation and state initiatives challenging Blackrock’s woke agenda.

Riley Moore is West Virginia’s 25th State Treasurer and was elected in 2020. Born in Morgantown, Treasurer Moore started his career as a welder. He received an undergraduate degree in Government and International Politics from George Mason University and a Master’s Degree in Strategic Security Studies from the National Defense University at Fort McNair. For many years, Treasurer Moore served as a national security advisor to the Foreign Affairs Committee in the U.S. House of Representatives. He also worked as a contractor with the Department of Homeland Security. He most recently worked in the defense and aerospace industry at Textron. He and his wife, Mina, reside in Harpers Ferry with their three children.

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