Michael Gibson, Co-Founder and General Partner at 1517 Fund, talks the failure of American universities, technological progress, and why college degrees aren’t always the right choice.

In Today’s episode of “Moment of Truth,” Saurabh and Nick sit down with Michael Gibson, Co-Founder & General Partner at the 1517 Fund, to discuss the decline of America’s university system, the corresponding stagnation in scientific and technological breakthroughs, where and when universities became corrupt and what if anything can be done to rectify the situation.


Michael Gibson is co-founder of the 1517 Fund, a venture capital fund investing in teams led by dropouts, the uncredentialed, and renegade scientists. Previously he was vice president for grants at the Thiel Foundation and a principal at Thiel Capital, where he helped launch and run the Thiel Fellowship. He has written on innovation and technology for MIT’s Technology Review, the Atlantic, National Review, and City Journal. His book, Paper Belt on Fire, was published on November 29, 2022.1517 Fund is a venture capital firm backing dropouts, renegade students, and deep tech scientists. Learn more about Michael Gibson’s work: 1517fund.com

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