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American Moment Studios

Can We Please Buy Greenland? (feat. Nick Solheim)

In Today’s “Moment of Truth,” Saurabh sit downs with American Moment’s very own Nick Solheim to discuss U.S. Policy in the Arctic Region including trade, energy, mineral resources and the threats posed by Russia and China in the Arctic region.

The Wall Street Journal

Marriage With Family at Its Center

In trying times, spouses realize that the core of their relationship is caring for children, relatives and one another,” writes Brad Wilcox in The Wall Street Journal.

American Moment Studios

Soulmates are Fake (feat. Brad Wilcox)

In Today’s “Moment of Truth,” Nick and Emma sit down with Brad Wilcox, Director of the National Marriage Project and Senior Fellow at the Institute for Family Studies, to discuss the sorry state of marriages in the United States, the impact of healthy families on our culture and economy, and how the impact of COVID-19 might not be so bad for our marriage rate in the years to come.

The Washington Free Beacon

How Critical Race Theory Led to Kendi

“Pop ‘antiracism’ is the logical conclusion of CRT,” writes Aaron Sibarium in The Washington Free Beacon, in a look at the history of Critical Race Theory.

The Worthy House

The Foundationalist Manifesto: The Politics of Future Past

Charles Haywood at The Worthy House offers a way out of liberalism, presenting a new philosophy — Foundationalism — which draws upon universal truths and the “wisdom of the past” to chart a new path forward.

American Moment Studios

Our Apocalyptic Border (feat. Mark Krikorian) | Ep. 22

In Today’s “Moment of Truth,” Saurabh and Nick sit down with Mark Krikorian, Executive Director of the Center for Immigration Studies, to discuss the apocalyptic state of our southern border, the negative impacts of a massive influx of illegal aliens on the United States economy and American culture, and the problems with America’s legal immigration system.

American Moment Studios

TFW No Babies Or Other Nice Things (feat. Sam Hammond) | Ep. 21

In Today’s “Moment of Truth,” Saurabh and Nick sit down with Samuel Hammond, Director of Poverty & Welfare Policy at the Niskanen Center, to discuss the sorry state of pro-family policies in the United States (like the child tax credit), how to alleviate poverty nationwide, what if anything America can learn from Canadian welfare policies.

American Moment Studios

The Indiana Man With A Plan (feat. Jim Banks) | Ep. 20

In Today’s “Moment of Truth,” Saurabh and Nick sit down with Congressman Jim Banks (R-IN), Chairman of the Republican Study Committee, to discuss the state of working class families in America, the threat from China, how to fix healthcare in America, and Jim’s recent meeting with President Trump and his plans for the future.

Chapman Center for Demographics and Policy

Madness in the Ruling Class: Who is leading our country?

In this episode of Feudal Future, guests Julius Krein and Aaron Renn join the show to talk about the state of our elite class, and how we got here, from financialization to the breakdown of local institutions — and what the future of America’s middle class may look like.

The American Conservative

Wherever Home Is Now, Stay There

In her new book, Grace Olmstead illustrates the ills of industrial agriculture and the personal tension in America’s urban and rural divide, writes Emile Doak in The American Conservative.

Kennedy School Review

Can Conservatism Be More Than a Grudge?

“Republicans in power would seldom even consider a major infrastructure program with an eye toward their core constituencies, or major spending to bring strategic or high-wage sectors back to the Heartland,” says Julius Krein, as he examines the GOP’s “constituency problem.”


The Narcissistic Fall of France

“If we consent to set aside for a moment the particular case of France (and really it would be wise to do so), the conclusion becomes crystal clear: the inevitable consequence of what we call progress (at all levels, economic, political, scientific, technological) is self-destruction,” writes author Michel Houellebecq in UnHerd on the various issues facing France and Western Civilization, from declining fertility rates, the rise of China, and general social malaise.

The American Conservative

Why Republicans Must Rethink Antitrust

The right must recover the Republican tradition of skepticism towards centralized economic power, says Rachel Bovard, writing for The American Conservative.

American Moment Studios

The True Cost of War (feat. Joe Kent) | Moment of Truth Ep. 16

In Today’s “Moment of Truth,” Saurabh & Nick sit down with Joe Kent, former Green Beret and CIA Operative, to discuss the true costs of war, what an America First foreign policy looks like, what to do about Russia, Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan, and how to bring manufacturing back to the US and beat China.

First Things

The Elites We Need

American Moment President Saurabh Sharma joins First Things’ Contributing Editor Mark Bauerlein to discuss American Moment’s mission and why personnel is policy.

Center for the American Way of Life

The Rise of Corporate-State Tyranny

“In wealthy societies, a large part of the corporate elite does not see widespread economic growth or rising living standards as a goal but as an impediment to meeting the demands of the ‘stakeholders,'” writes Joel Kotkin for The Center for the American Way of Life.

The American Conservative

American Nationalists

Alexander Hamilton’s Federalist Party provides a blueprint for conservatives today, writes Ofir Haivry and Yoram Hazony.

American Moment Studios

When Harry Became A Goat Farmer (feat. Ryan T. Anderson)

In today’s episode, Saurabh, Nick and guest Ryan T. Anderson, President of the Ethics & Public Policy Center, discuss life on the farm, developing a strong family culture, the Ahmari vs. French debate, and how conservatives can fight back against Big Tech.

Public Discourse

The Family Policy Imperative

We now have a system that forces would-be parents to think of their children as a cost and not an asset. Yet these children are quite literally the most valuable asset that any country could possibly possess, writes Gladden Pappin.

The National Interest

Interests, Not Values, Should Guide America’s China Strategy

America should seek to expand its coalition of allies and partners—but based on a country’s ability and will to help address interests it shares with America, not on its history with Washington or the nature of the country’s political regime, writes Elbridge Colby at The National Interest.


Why Architecture Is Political

“Architecture is not just the expression of our positive political values, but also of the pathologies and debilitating culture wars enfeebling our civilisation,” writes Aris Roussinos at Unherd.

Encounter Books

1620: A Critical Response to the 1619 Project

“The stakes are high. Should children be taught that our nation is a four-hundred-year-old system of racist oppression? Or should they learn that what has always made America exceptional is our pursuit of liberty and justice for all?”

The American Conservative

Jim Traficant: The Youngstown Prophet

No national politician of his era spoke more forcefully to what have become the concerns of our own than Jim Traficant, writes Matthew Walther in The American Conservative.

The American Mind

End Nationalism, End America

Today’s globalist dogma is incompatible with our country’s survival, writes John Fonte in The American Mind.

New Social Covenant

Stop Hedging, Start Marrying

“But unless we can shift from treating all citizens first and foremost as separate individuals, toward a willingness to take a policy stand explicitly for life in common, the trend away from shared life toward bitter atomisation will continue, and the deferred costs of that atomisation will increasingly come due,” writes Mary Harrington.”

National Conservatism

Justice Thomas Big Tech Special

The NatCon Squad, Episode 11: Justice Thomas Big Tech Special, and Woke Capital Vetoes Georgia Election Law, featuring Rachel Bovard, Josh Hammer, Emily Jashinsky, and Ben Weingarten.

The American Mind

Permanent Racism: What The Left Wants On Race

The Left will never admit it, but the end of “racism” would be an unmitigated disaster for them. It would rob them of their most powerful weapon—the accusation, however unfounded, of racism,” writes David Azerrad at The American Mind.

American Moment Studios

Josh Hammer Explains ‘Common Good Originalism’

In this featured clip from the Moment of Truth Podcast, Josh Hammer explains different strands of the Originalist view of judicial philosophy, as well as his own conception of ‘Common Good Originalism.’

American Moment Studios

Originalism, Justice, and Common-Good (feat. Josh Hammer)

In today’s episode, Saurabh, Nick, and esteemed guest Josh Hammer discuss the over-liberalization of the American political Right and how an “originalist” judicial philosophy should be oriented toward the common good.